Take the Gospel to the world in their Language

Whether the Lord is calling you to share your media resources in Africa or to the Hispanic community next door, we convert your videos, webpages, brochures into whatever language is needed.

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Do you speak French or Swahili?

Andy Stanley Does

And so can you!

19 Years of Word-Class Localization Experience to Help You Take The Good News Anywhere.

Our team has been working together for 18 years both in ministry and managing a language agency that’s served the international multimedia needs of companies like T-Mobile, VISA, Walgreens, Oracle, Dell… We’ve started churches, businesses and created world-class b2b software. 

We’re now taking all those years and experiences and partnering in a cost-effective way with ministries and local churches to help them take the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth or to their next door neighbors in their own language.

  Subtitling & Transcription

Use our software to translate your own subtitles in/house cost-effectively or transcribe any audio or video file with our Artificial Intelligence robot or our transcription professionals.

  Christian Lingo

Either the translator or the editor in your project will be an Evangelical with years of church attendance. We get it. We speak your language.

  Any Format/Media

Apps, Powerpoint, InDesign, Video Animation, DVD, Wordpress, Joomla, Software… We’ll even help you automate the process for high volume needs.

  Voice Talents

Our more than 900+ voice talents and recording studios provide consistent results regardless of the final format in ALL languages.

  Text Translation

Translations in any language at the quality level YOU need. We always employ native linguists with a minimum of a college degree.

  Sermon Interpreting

For a low per minute charge, get a professional simultaneous interpreter into any language, including Sign Language. No expensive radio equipment needed. Phone app-driven technology.

Let’s face it, no one can be as cool as John but getting your own Spanish voice is definitely a good start!

Tons of professional voice talents to choose from!

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With hundreds of female voices to choose from

Listen to Beth Moore

in “Neutral” Spanish


For a low, per minute, charge, get a professional interpreter on an app you can share with your service attendees in any language!

Get a Sign Language interpreter on video right from your deaf member’s Apple or Android phones.

We provide a next generation, cloud-based, technology, connected to professional language interpreters to offer the best on-demand and pre-scheduled language support available today. 

OPI - Audio Intepreting

Qualified interpreters for business meetings in seconds with cloud audio streaming. No internet required, calls can be forwarded to existing land-lines or, go next gen and take your call streaming to your smart device. 

The same technology and service can be extended to multiple people in an audience and scheduled for simultaneous interpreting of services on a Sunday.


Stunning Video quality across every device. Robust, bandwidth-adaptive 1080p 30FPS gives you unprecedented access to an interpreter in any situation.

As with audio interpreting, this works great for talking with foreign partners accross the world or to enable Sign Language interpreting next Sunday. 


Dr. Robert Lewis  has been influencing men in Spanish for more than a decade.

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About Us the executive team

Dan and Lluis know each other since they were kids in Barcelona. After years of training and work in separate continents, the Lord brought them together again. They helped the local Evangelical church where they grew up to solidify their vision as they were starting one of the most audacious church building projects in Spain. They discovered they had complementary gifts and experiences and this was the beginning of a lifetime of business and ministry adventures. Together they launched successful evangelistic programs, relaunched Dan’s language business, planted a church and  created a number or online software and businesses solutions.

  • The Business of Ministry

    The Business of Ministry

    Dan started his professional language career in the courtrooms and hospitals as an interpreter while working on his undergrad in Pastoral Studies at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  Was involved in  church-planting in Chicago and Barcelona. Founded Accent Network in 1999 and co-founded bEcosystems, the "Facebook" of work across organization and companies. 

    Dan Samper
  • The Ministry of Business

    The Ministry of Business

    Lluis  started his career directing the trains traffic of Catalonia at The Center of Centralized Traffic (CTC). Later received an MBA from ESADE Business School and worked in corporate turnaround where he had an opportunity to study why companies reach a crisis point and gave them a new opportunity to thrive. Joined Accent Network in 2003 and co-founded bEcosystems in 2010. 

    Lluis Caicedo
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How about you?

What people group is God calling your ministry to reach?


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