Raise Your Voice

We’re Collecting Voice Samples for Research and You Can Raise Funds as Your Community Speaks.

$33,000 in Total Funds Available

Only During the Month of June 2018

The basics

We are enrolling up to 2,200 Austin, TX participants to record approximately 10 minutes worth of a pre-written script. For each quality sample, your organization can earn a $15 stipend to apply to the cause of your choice. We have 8 recording devices and will deliver you a box with the whole kit, including everything you need (computer, device, cables, instructions). We will also help you train those who will have technical roles.

Adopt 1 Box – 275 people ($4,125)

Adopt 2 Boxes – 550 people ($8,250)

Adopt 3 Boxes – 825 people ($12,375)

Adopt 4 Boxes – 1,100 people ($16,500)

Adopt 5 Boxes – 1,375 people ($20,625)

Adopt 6 Boxes – 1,650 people ($24,750)

Adopt 7 Boxes – 1,925 people ($28,875)

Adopt 8 Boxes – 2,200 people ($33,000)

Here’s the catch:  All submissions must be in before June 24th. Find a time, Schedule now, Raise your Voice, Earn some Cash. 

$33,000 Available

2,200 volunteers

220 host homes

25 Days left

We’re now enrolling native (70%) and non-native (30%) English speakers.

How Does it Work For The Sponsoring Organization?

  • Apply by clicking the button above or here.
  • We will ask you to give your project a name and brief description. 
  • Claim a number of volunteers for your project. We will call you to fine tune this and other aspects later but we need to get an idea of the size of your commitment.
  • We will give you all the tools and training needed for this challenge to be a success for both your organization and our research project.
  • Tools will include:
    • A personalized website for your volunteers to register and get information.
    • A smartphone app to keep track of progress and to calendar the recording events and homes.
    • Template communications for all participants.

How Does it Work For The Volunteers?

  • We will give you a personalized page for your organization where they will be able to register.
  • They can register to be a Home Host, a participant (they can be both) or apply to become a Recording Operator.
  • Audio Manager are in charge of the recording session and will handle a next generation recording device. If you’re a “techie” you’ll absolutely love this opportunity. We will extend certificates of participation from you can use in your résumé as having worked in a next generation speech recognition and artificial intelligence research project for our client.
  • As a Home Host, you’ll commit to open your home to 10 people who want to participate.
  • You can also invite your neighbors and friends to help out!
  • Each participant will record a VERY simple 10-minute session. All you need to do is read from a few phrases like “Hi Paul” or “What’s the weather like today in Austin?”
  • Your project will receive $15 for each participant!

About Us the executive team

Dan and Lluis know each other since they were kids in Barcelona. After years of training and work in separate continents, the Lord brought them together again. They helped the local church where they grew up to solidify their vision as they were starting one of the most audacious church building projects in Spain. They discovered they had complementary gifts and experiences and this was the beginning of a lifetime of business and ministry adventures. Together they launched successful evangelistic programs, relaunched Dan’s language business, planted a church and  created a number or online software and businesses solutions.

  • Dan


    Dan started his professional language career in the courtrooms and hospitals as an interpreter while working on his undergrad in Pastoral Studies at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  Was involved in  church-planting in Chicago and Barcelona. Founded Accent Network in 1999 and co-founded bEcosystems, the "Facebook" of work accross organization and companies. 

    Dan Samper
  • Lluis


    Lluis  started his career directing the trains traffic of Catalonia at The Center of Centralized Traffic (CTC). Later received an MBA from ESADE Business School and worked in corporate turnaround where he had an opportunity to study why companies reach a crisis point and gave them a new opportunity to thrive. Joined Accent Network in 2003 and co-founded bEcosystems in 2010. 

    Lluis Caicedo
  • Jodi


    Jodi has served as a key liaison, facilitator and connector between and among Christian and non-profit leaders and institutions.  Many of the projects overseen were large-scale and culture-shaping in nature. She especially enjoyed work related to re-building infrastructure in Rwanda through the three-legged stool of government-business-church collaboration.

    Jodi Carroll
    Partner Relations Director
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