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Kurdish, Northern

Kurdish, Northern


Kurdish, Northern, Turkey

Dengê Azadî – The Voice of Freedom

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Language Overview

Northern Kurdish, also known as Kurmanji, is a Northwestern Iranian language. It’s spoken by approximately 15-20 million people primarily in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. It has dialects like Bahdini and Sorani.
Market Insights
Digital platforms, particularly social media, are significant in Northern Kurdish regions. There’s a growing interest in international content, but local TV and radio remain popular, especially for news and entertainment.
Cultural Context
Northern Kurdish culture highly values respect and hospitality. The language reflects social hierarchies and formality levels. There are cultural sensitivities around political and ethnic topics.
Writing System and Typography
Northern Kurdish uses the Latin alphabet with some additional letters. In Turkey, it uses a modified Turkish alphabet, while in Syria and Iraq, it often uses Arabic script. Text flows left to right.
Phonetics and Phonology
Northern Kurdish has a rich phonetic system with several unique sounds that can be challenging for non-native speakers, particularly the guttural sounds.
Grammatical Structure
The sentence structure is generally SOV (Subject-Object-Verb). Kurdish has a complex system of verb tenses and a rich array of verbal constructions.
Media and Text Layout
Translation into Northern Kurdish can expand text by approximately 10-15%. The recommended character count per line for subtitles is 40. Voice-over and dubbing require sensitivity to regional accents.
Localization Challenges
Ensuring accurate cultural representation and avoiding political sensitivities are major challenges in translating content into Northern Kurdish.
Technical Considerations
There can be issues with font compatibility and text rendering, especially with the different alphabets used across regions.
Other information
The tradition of dengbêj, or Kurdish storytelling through song, is a key cultural element.
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