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If you need to speak clearly, don’t hesitate to contact me. I love questions, especially the ones that can’t be answered because they lead us together on the path of uncertainty towards the light of truth.

Write me, and I assure you we will strive to find what best suits your needs. And if not, getting to know each other will never be a waste of time. Who knows what the future holds for us?

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About Me

My name is Samuel, I’m 26 years old, and I studied Physics at the University of Barcelona.

I got to know Accent Network, as I believe we all should, first personally and then professionally. We were designed to move with passion, trust, and love, and that’s why connecting with each other was simple.

My passion has always been to help people. I enjoy seeing people where they should be and working together for a greater goal than we can achieve individually. So now, I have joined Accent to help them meet people like you.

I believe in a world where it doesn’t matter what language you speak because more importance is given to the heart with which you express yourself. I believe in a world where communication hurts less, and efforts are made with joy. And I trust that together, we can achieve this.

Accent Network is a company that has always sought to help those who cannot reach where they should be because of language barriers. Focused on transcription, translation, adaptation… they have always aimed to reach the boundaries of the world and speak what everyone needs to hear.

We have:

  • The best team of translators to translate what you need into the language you want.
  • The best Artificial Intelligence technology to make everything faster.
  • The best quality artificial voices that will make you doubt if they are really human.

It’s clear that for every deal I secure, I get a percentage. But what’s important is not how much I take, but what I’m going to do with my earnings. I encourage you to talk to me about it.


About Accent Network

Our Services

Accent Network offers a variety of localization tools and services, which you can implement to your business. Offering varying qualities, from fully automatic, to fully human localization.

Video Localization

Video dubbing, subtitling, script adaptation, deep-fake lip sync and more

Audio Localization

Audiobook generation, podcasts, mass prompt transcription, neural TTS, cloned & expressive voices, TTS editing, and music & effects audio split.

Text Localization

eLearning automation, IVR and telematics, transcription, speaker diarization, contextual translation

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Choose from human, automated, or hybrid options, using AI for cost-effective, efficient, and quality-driven solutions.

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Any Format, Any Media, Any Language

We are AccentNetwork. A localization company

We are a localization company that specializes in offering solutions related to the translation and adaptation of content to any language including valuable experience with Artificial Intelligence to help messages and businesses like yours to arrive and have a presence anywhere in the world, the format that best suits your needs, either in text, voice, or artificial intelligence format.