Make Your Sermons More Accessible

Make your Content More Accessible

A third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos. In the corporate world, 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post. Cisco estimates that by 2020, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the Internet every second! If your ministry is not using video as one of it’s main communication tools, this is clearly a growth venue you should consider.


 If video is already part of your strategy, here is why now is a great time to start making them more accessible by adding subtitles to them.

28 Million Americans Need Them

According to the National Institute on Deafness (NIDCD), about 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids. Subtitles are absolutely necessary for the understanding of a video by a hearing-impaired or deaf viewer.

Captions Boost Video SEO

There’s a clear increase in SEO for YouTube videos with subtitles, compared to videos without them. But Google indexing makes them more likely to rank higher when the captions are uploaded manually as YouTube’s automatic feature is just not reliable.

Increase Video Social Rach

80% of people on Facebook “react negatively” to video that autoplays sound. Videos with captions get 16% more reach on Facebook, are shared 15% more, get 17% better reactions and get 26% more call-to-action clickthroughs.

Just Preferred

People who learn best through reading will get more out of your videos. Even if they don’t have to, many individuals prefer watching TV shows or films with subtitles, even if they are native speakers of the original language. They just understand it better.

Captioning Formatting Options

Open, Closed, Color, Fonts, Shades…

Open Captions (Black) 2:52

“Open” captions are always visible. They’re embedded to your video and any player can show them. You can choose font and formatting.

Open Captions (White) 2:52

in this case, we’re using a simple black background applied. Can be in different colors, different fonts, positions, etc.

Closed Captions 2:52

“Closed” captions are not visible until the viewer activates them. This can be done in platforms like Youtube and allows options to select from multiple languages.

Other Samples 0:45

More samples of different format from videos completed by our parent company.

Make your Videos International

About 20% of the U.S. population talks a different language. Almost 64 million potential seekers! 60% of all YouTube video opinions come from people choosing non-English languages as display language for the Website.
International subtitles are one of the ways we can help you convert your videos into any language and is also the most economical. This is an easy way to increase the amount of individuals you can reach with the Good News.

Sample International Project

AlMassira is an evangelistic tool for existing groups of friends, which generally include both Muslim inquirers and Christians. It includes a variety of integrated activities: viewing the films, open discussion, prayer, food and companionship

They initially only offered Spanish subtitles for that language as a low cost solution. We have now also fully dubbed it into Spanish. You can see that in the project description here.

We Timecode, You Translate.

We’re not only good at it, we’re the go-to company for translation agencies when they need to create subtitles from scratch and translate them into any language in a cost-effective way!

We also created TranslatingBox, so that if you have your own translators, we can easily turn them into great subtitlers overnight. Translation agencies use it to translate captions into any language using their own regular translators instead of expensive expert subtitlers and now you can benefit too.


English Master File Preparation

Once we receive your video and transcription (or we transcribe it for you), we manually prepare a high quality English Master Timed File that follows best practices and the highest industry standards.

Subtitle Translation

If you want your own translating team to work on them, we will send you a .Presub file and your unique access code to the TranslatingBox app they can then download and use with your own logo. We also have great translation rates and top of the line Christian linguists to help, of course.

Final Format Delivery

Once the .Presub has been translated, we will process and deliver a well structured .SRT, .ASS, .VBT file or whatever other file format you need from us.
Affordable to All

Subtitles Pricing

We do not offer Artificial Intelligence options for subtitles as they do not follow best practices but just split phrases by optimizing character count. Using professional subtitlers only, we make sure that with our subtitles, the viewer will have the best experience while watching your videos in English or any other language.

Applicable Original Languages

Rate applies to the following original video languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Serbian, Czech, Portuguese, Ucranian, Moldavian, Estonian or Latvian.

$30 Minimum Change (15 minutes)

Per Minute
You can also take advantage of our packaged deals that combine multiple services. Give us a call and we’ll setup something adjusted to your needs.