Help Others Find Your Preaching and Teaching Through Transcription

Extend The Life of Your Content

Our transcription services are used for a multitude of purposes but people shape their lives and settle their eternal destinies in response to God-given ideas, so being able to extend the life of your sermons, conferences and classes gets us very excited. That is the precise benefit of transcribing those spoken ideas. You can now make them more accessible and searchable through transcription. Transcription is also the first step towards making that content even more accessible to wider audiences through subtitles or translation, for instance.
Here is what transcription does to your content

Search Engines Friendly

Without accurate and comprehensive transcripts, your podcasts are essentially invisible to search engines and cannot contribute to higher rankings.

Reach Different Learning Styles

Many people retain information better when they read it, rather than hear it. Additionally, some prefer the higher degree of instant accessibility of visual materials over audio files.

A Must For Hearing Impaired

Hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals can enjoy access to information when a sermon transcript is available alongside the original format.

Generate More Buzz

The text included in video or audio transcript can be easily quoted in Facebook or other online social networking sites and blogs. That’s an easy way to expand your online audience.


Extend the life of your sermons
beyond Sunday at 11 at your venue


Extend the value of your
conferences and talks

Classes & Training

Make your material available
to those who need it

Transcription Delivery Options

Video Player with Search Capabilities

We will send you a folder with the code needed to add an interactive video player with your content that you can embed on your web page. The example below is our Simple Video Option. We also offer a Customized Video Option that’s formatted to look and feel like the rest of it.

Your viewers and readers can then search for keywords and the player will take them directly to that point on the video or they can go to a particular time in the video and the text will move to find that particular time so they can keep reading after that point.

The Customized option has a low setup cost associated with it that we can quote for you as there will probably be an hour or two of developer’s time involved. It can be a great addition to your web site visitors.

See Simple Video HTML Demo

Plain Text File

This is the simplest and most versatile file format we offer. They are easy for people to view and modify the data and you can easily import the text into any other media like your website or specific word templates.

Virtually all software packages can read and write text files. Plain text files are portable across different computer platforms. Plain text files are viewable lightning fast in windows ‘preview’ pane in explorer, making it quick to scroll through files and not having to open them.

See Online Demo

Templated Word or PDF Format

For just a bit more, we will deliver the transcript in a Word and/or PDF format of your choice. If you don’t have a template you already use, we will create one for you at no cost.

You can then distribute this easily or attach it to your e-mail newsletter.

Download Word File

Project in .xml

This is an audio editing project you can import into Premiere, Audition and Final Cut Pro 7. XML (Extensible Markup Language) files allow you to work between these programs. You can use XML documents (plain ASCII text files with tagged elements) to transfer the details of your libraries, events, projects, and clips between Final Cut Pro or Premiere and third-party applications, devices, and media asset management tools.

This file format includes the internal timecode of the video or audio.

Download XML File

Basic Transcription Pricing Options

These Rates and Conditions Apply to Audio and Videos in English and Spanish.

for any other languages. See monthly discounts below.


$ 0.30

  • $15 Minimum (50 minutes)
  • Artificial Intelligence Neural Transcription
  • 85-95% Accuracy on clean audio without accents
  • Basic Editable Transcription
  •  Makes Your Sermon Searchable
  • SEO-Ready
  • Translation Options Available
  • Virtually Error-Free
  • Net30 Billing Options
  • Interactive Player: $0.50 | $25 Minimum
  •   Customized Interactive Player: $0.50 | $40 Minimum
  • Available for English, European Spanish, European French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish, Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Catalan, Greek, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovakian and Slovenian.


$ 1.45

Per Minute
  • $35 Minimum (25 minutes)
  • Professional Human Transcriptionist
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Transcription Ready As Is
  •  Makes Your Sermon Searchable
  • SEO-Ready
  • Translation Options Available
  • Virtually Error-Free
  • Net30 Billing Options
  • Interactive Player: $10 more
  • Customized Interactive Player: $25 more
  • Pricing applies to Spanish and English. All other languages available.

Extras & DiscountsMost Popular

$ Adaptable

Per Your Needs
  • Net30 Billing Options
  • Monthly 4 60-min Neural: $65
  • Monthly 4 60-min Professional: $300
  • Monthly 4 60-min Neural + Player: $80
  • Monthly 4 60-min Professional+ Player: $320
  • Monthly 4 60-min Neural + Custom Player: $115
  • Monthly 4 60-min Professional+ Custom Player: $375
  • Poor audio quality (+30%)
  • Strong Accents (+30%)
  • Add Time Stamps (+20%)
  • Verbatim: [Laughter], [crying] (+50%)
  • Speaker Names (+50%)

About our Transcription Options

Are the Neural Artificial Intelligence Transcriptions Any Good?

While we work with the best Artificial Intelligence robots out there, speech-to-text technology is by no means perfect.  So this does not replace manual transcription, but it does speed up that process in a big way.

You should expect to have to edit the text if you expect this to be read by humans (not just for SEO or searchability purposes). The amount of editing you will be required to do is directly proportional to the quality of the audio and higher quality audio could bring you up to 95% accuracy.

Here are a few tips to get help you get better audio and get the most out of this budget-sensitive option:

  • Avoid background noise.
  • Make sure the microphone is close to the preacher
  • Watch out for echo in the sanctuary
  • Accents & languages

Are there additional costs depending on the format requested?

We can send you the transcriptions in different basic formats (.txt, .xml and .docx) for free and for a little more, we will send them in a Word/PDF templated format ($5 more) of your choice or we can even place them in your website ($5 more).

The web video player has an initial cost of $50 to $100 depending on the amount of work needed to set it up on your site and how much works needs to be done to adapt it to the look and feel of your site.

Other charges and services available?

These additional options/charges apply to all our transcription options:

  • Add Time Stamps (+20%)
  • Customized Timecode (+50%)
  • Verbatim: [Laughter], [crying] (+50%)
  • Speaker Names (+20%)

These additional options/charges apply only to our human transcription options:

  • Tech/Specialized Terms (+30%)
  • More than 4 speakers (+20%)
  • Poor audio quality (+30%)
  • Strong Accents (+30%)

What if my audio is in a language other than Spanish or English?

We can transcribe from any language but the costs are higher depending on the language.

Tier 2 Languages

For the following list of languages, prices will increase by approximately $4/minute. Please request a quote to see what your rate will be. Portuguese, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian.

Tier 3 Languages

For the rest of languages, please request a quote to see what your rate will be.

You can also take advantage of our packaged deals that combine multiple services. Give us a call and we’ll setup something adjusted to your needs.