Biomedical Engineering on Wheels (COLL-6874)

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Mozambique is a country where a large percentage of the land is too sandy for normal wheelchairs to operate. This makes it difficult for people with disabilities to travel because they get stuck in the sand, preventing their mobility.

Dani Collado, is applying his Biomedical Engineering knowledge to improve the lives of people with real mobility needs for the glory of God.

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Very basic services we take for granted in our western countries are just not available to the majority of the population in many others. Having a ration of food, drinking water, moving normally daily, having access to health care… are fundamental aspects that are not available to the general population in more disadvantaged countries.

In Mozambique, basic mobility is totally impossible for many people with physical limitations.

This project aims to achieve the real inclusion of these people who suffer the lack of integration only because of their physical condition. The aim is to normalize the situation of people with reduced mobility with the rest of society in Mozambique. This objective is very important to give dignity and visibility to this collective that seeks to participate in society like any other citizen.

Another objective of this project is to raise awareness among not only Mozambican society, but also Spanish society in order to open a window of change and hope for people who are fated to a life without mobility. This would be a step forward to ending the double problem of exclusion experienced by these people in Mozambique, as disability and poverty are joined together.

This reality is what is presented in this project. Having reduced mobility means relying on someone else to be able to move around. If they do not have this help their mobility will be noticeably limited, affecting their quality of life. Mozambique is an example of what we can find in other countries on the continent. That is why this project, which is directed towards the reality of Mozambique, could probably be extrapolated to other countries in Africa.

The general goals of this project are to:

  • Create an operational wheelchair that proves to be useful for improving mobility of people with physical disabilities in Mozambique, providing one of its most basic needs.
  • Adapt biomedical devices in countries with fewer resources, so that they can manufacture and repair these devices themselves.
  • Know the daily reality of Mozambique, in relation to physical barriers.
  • Analyze and investigate the resources in Mozambique.
  • Improve the life quality of people currently living with low resources and reduced mobility.
  • Search for funding and possibilities to continue the project beyond the Final Project and transpose it into reality.


Development of low cost wheelchairs adapted to Mozambique’s sandy streets.



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The Problem

The overall sandy terrain of Mozambique & wheelchairs

The aim is to normalize the situation of people with reduced mobility with the rest of society in Mozambique. This objective is very important to give dignity and visibility to this collective that seeks to participate in society like any other citizen.

The Entrepreneur

Meet Daniel Collado, the brains & heart behind the project.

Picture taken during Daniel's last trip to Mozambique, in the city of Macia, Gaza province, at the Integration Center.
The Integrated Social Center was where most of the tests were conducted for the fist prototype chair. The center offered a unique opportunity to meet children and people with different mobility disabilities, work personally with them and see the tools or barriers they really have in their day-to-day lives.

The Winning Design

Double bicycle wheel with pushrim

the use of bicycle wheels as a material in Mozambique has been the most viable solution, taking into account the country and the resources. Once the wheels were designed, a supplier was found where the design of the wheels coincided accurately with the design thought of the prototype.
It is the company STS Medical, through whom the piece of the double wheel of bicycle was obtained [12]. These wheels are made of aluminum, both the rims and the drive ring. The diameter of the wheel is 60.5 cm with a 12 mm rotary shaft. The total width between the two wheels is 15 cm, so the width is 5 times larger than a normal wheelchair wheel.
One of the things that should be implemented to improve the double wheel of bicycle is to put a rubber that covers the two wheels and, in this way, an entire area without any gap between the middle of the two wheels would be created. Thus, the area of contact with the soil would increase and the rolling in the sandy terrain would improve considerably.

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