Misionea: Equatorial Guinea (UEBEEG)

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Misionea, is in charge of the social work area for UEBE’s Ministry of International Missions. It is developing a Project to help schools provide children and young people with a Christian education, focused on their integral growth. Currently we have two educational centers: El Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd in English) in Malabo, and the “Talita Cumi” school in Evinayong, in which approximately 1,000 students are enrolled, with ages ranging between 3 and 20 years old.

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The bedrock of any country, beyond cultures, languages ​​or customs, is and should be education. A right that not everyone has access to. And even though the percentage of schooling in Guinea is high compared to other areas in Africa, quality education requires the needed support to have better professionals, content, and must, at the core, be values-based. Basic, dignified education that is also a tool for social and spiritual development requires that feed both soul and mind.

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We help them grow spiritually and intellectually, but we do it after making sure they get healthy and safe food. Children can leave home without breakfast and just pick something up in the woods, on the way to school, where their performance will be reduced. The goal: to offer them a healthy meal every day, fuel to keep up.

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Growing and maturing in a healthy way, literally speaking, with hygiene habits that both preventive and with medical follow-up help  prevent infectious processes “more common in a tropical environment” that hinder that growth. Vitally important also, is to have access to medicines “without belittling some natural treatments that are characteristic of Guinean wisdom”, which guarantees something that every child has the right to preserve: his or her health.

The “El Buen Pastor” and “Talita Cum” schools are more than schools. Their goal is to train highly qualified men and women both academically and as human beings. The commitment of the Baptist Mission is first with God, but also with men.

Our philosophy is based on the example of Jesus Christ, manifesting it through love, service and worship to the only true God. Recognizing in Jesus Christ the giver of life who through his words and his example dignifies the life of everyone who professes faith in Him.


Schooling, Feeding and Health for children in Equatorial Guinea


Equatorial Guinea


Misión Bautista de Guinea Ecuatorial

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