The Door English Club (DOOR-2123)


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The Door helps primary school kids to loose their fear of talking and playing in English. This is considered one of the most important skills children can develop in Spain. Knowing English well is a rarity and it’s perceived to be key for their future employability. At the club, they learn through music they sing and dance to, skits based in the life of Jesus, games, conversation, etc.

To the highly secularized and sophisticated population of a Spanish city like Barcelona, Evangelical churches are in the same category as Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons.

Local churches rarely have more than 50 members with monthly budgets that can do little more than keep the lights on. They’ve mostly given up on evangelism and the little growth they’ve experienced in the last decade came from South American immigrants who are now back in their countries of origin as Spain has still not recovered from the last economic crisis.


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Programs vs. Activities

Spiritual growth takes time, both for kids and their families to draw near Christ. Beyond tons of prayer, the process takes time, strategic thinking and a consistent demonstration of God’s love through the Christ-like character of the churches’ teams. These relationships of trust cannot be established in an hour once a year.

The program is also integrated into the overall church calendar and strategy and the kids are included into other Sunday School activities and camps. Because the neighborhood parents have seen us week after week, they let their children be a part of the rest of the church’ activities and they themselves attend other relevant events.

The Door is fruit of Elena Batlle and Dan Samper’s work with programs in Barcelona that show that there is hope, even for small churches, but only through strategic, ongoing, outreach programs that not only offer a cup of cold water to those in need but also explicitly share the Gospel to neighbors in a clear but progressive manner.

Two Main Target Audiences

The Door is an ongoing program that seeks to establish personal relationships with the kids from the neighborhood but also to grow in our partner churches’ children a strong sense of mission and real ministerial responsibilities.

The Team is made out of some adults, one of them from the US or UK, but the secret sauce of the program are the kids from the church who are preparing for next week’s skits and choreography. They stay after each program to prepare and pray for each other and the kids from the neighborhood.

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