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Since 1999, we have been taking on the most complex technology and  multimedia localization projects for top US companies, so we can now partner with you in extending the Kingdom of God as far and wide as possible.
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How far can you reach?
A truly amazing development team | 1300+ professional voices and recording studios | Hundreds of languages and dialects | All technologies | All formats
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Our Work for Corporations

Some of the corporations where our parent company, Accent Network’s work is embedded as Translations, Subtitles, Voice Recordings, Grammars, AI Training Voice Prints…

Some Of Our Work For The Body

Click on a project to see what we did for them in more detail.

Robert Lewis – The Quest for Authentic Manhood

Spanish UN-Style Recording and DVD Authoring

Beth Moore – Believing God

European Spanish Audiobook Recording

AlMassira – Spanish

Multi-Accent Spanish Dubbing

John Eldredge – Wild at Heart

Spanish Audiobook Recording

Andy Stanley – Making Vision Stick

UN-Style Recording Into French

Andy Stanley – 5 Things God Uses

UN-Style Recording Into Swahili

Any Media & Language

Books, Videos, Apps, Sermons, PPoints, InDesign, Bible Studies, Websites, Software, Phone Systems… If there’s text or audio in it, we can make it speak another language. There’s always a way to get it done. We work in hundreds of languages and dialects.

Solid Network

Our extensive network of long-term relationships includes professional linguists, recording studios, multimedia experts, developers… Our clients and partners can count on top notch skills and pricing stability regardless of the complexity of their projects and the language chosen.

Christian Lingo

Either the translator or the editor assigned to your project will be a Bible-believing Christian. We speak your language in any language. We are always more Christian linguists and non-professionals for less specialized tasks.

10% Donation + Funding

We give a 10% to your selected missionary, ministry or Christian non-profit. If your ministry relies on donations, you can register and we will provide you with a code or link to give out to donors in your deputation efforts. WMM is also a project crowdfunding platform to get funds needed for language projects.

Expertise You Can Afford

For 20 years, our parent company has delivered language solutions for top US companies. We’ve often taken on other translation or voice agencies’   challenging localization projects and learned to work at highly competitive rates. We’re now bringing this unique know-how and pricing to the extension of the Gospel.


Together, Dan and Lluis have launched successful evangelistic programs, grown businesses, planted a church and  created several world-class online software and businesses solutions. Dan studied at the Moody Bible Institute’s Pastoral Ministries Department and has been involved in missionary work since then.

In a Nutshell

What World Mission Media is all About

We’re applying 20 years of technology development and language management experience, serving the needs of Inc. 500 brands, to the extension of the Gospel. Bringing the latest tools and top professionals in any language and offering quality options for any budget.

We will give 10% of any project you complete to a missionary or missions project of your choice. World Mission Media will also provide a crowdfunding platform for authors and churches in target people groups to be able to raise support to localize their materials into the languages spoken by any culture God is calling them to reach. This is often a challenge when they’re trying to share the Gospel to a smaller population as the publishing houses do not have enough economic incentive to allow them to fund translations with small markets.

Donations Platform

We are Building a Donation Platform Around The Localization of Needed Christian Media Into All Languages

Donation Recipients

Once you register, you'll be able to refer churches, businesses or anyone with a need for our professional transcription and language services our way. We will give you a form or code that will identify you as the recipient of WMM's 10% donation for any project they end up requesting.

Project Owners

As you request services from us for your ministry or business, you will pay lower than industry standard rates and, indirectly, your church or business will be supporting your selected missionary or ministry anywhere in the world.